Patrick Jackson Murphy has been playing on stage since the age of 8. Studying classical guitar and playing trumpet as a child, Patrick’s household was one where every range of music was played, loved, and studied.

In the early 90s, when Alternative Rock was on the rise, he was part of the Windsor music scene as part of Paradigm Shift. Moving to Vancouver in 1997, Murphy was the frontman of Cereal Porn, a hard-hitting band in the Vancouver Metal scene known for their all out intense shows. After taking some years off and a move back to Ontario, Patrick is back writing, performing, singing, and recording.

“Soften Your Eyes, Liberate Your Soul” will be Patrick’s first solo album. Recorded in 2023 at Sugar Shack Studios in London, the record highlights the ebbs and flows of life, finding love for yourself, and coming to terms with your past to find true joy and happiness for the future ❤️ While this may be Murphy’s first album, it won’t be his last!

Now in 2023, Patrick’s original music highlights a musical career spanning decades of life events, friendships, and heartbreaks with a guitar style all his own.

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